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There is now a major single location in cyberspace to create documents for physical delivery by courier or the U.S. Postal service to any chosen address in the United States and ultimately the whole world.  Consumers and business’s are now able to use their computers, blackberrys, i-Phones and other future hand-held devices to create and track documents for same day/next day delivery for half the price of the conventional parcel and mail service providers (Federal Express, United Parcel Service, DHL).  Across the void is headquartered in North Reading, Massachusetts.

The Across The Void Platform and network is the premier site that converges electronically created documents to original documents on secure redundant web servers that are physically delivered by its network couriers and the U.S. Postal service.  The web platform and database is located at www.acrossthevoid.com.  This platform is poised to be the major single location for millions of daily documents delivered to any chosen address in the United States and ultimately the whole world.

In addition to delivering  same day & next day "Mail Across the Void".  Enhanced Products include  MEDIA MAIL, MONETARY GIFT MAIL, and BUSINESS MAIL. 

"MATV" provides document and address archiving, document encryption, document retrieval, legal signatures from both sender and recipient, and ftp media file and program uploads.   Document tracking from the creation date and time to the actual physical delivery status of each document is available in real time on through the network to each sender.


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